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In every year of study, students are involved in addressing selected assignments through professional subjects under the guidance of academics, as well as in cooperation with experts from the industry. All assignments deal with real problems in the particular sector of industry, the best solutions are also applied to businesses. Project assignments are divided into selected business areas – network retail, B2C, or B2B environment, media, finance, health, digital products, etc. The selected subjects are:


I. degree - Bachelor study

  • 1st year: Marketing
  • 2nd year:Entrepreneurship in practice – clubs
  • 3rd year: Professional experience and other selection courses


II. degree - Master study

  • 1st year: innovation management, product management, marketing information systems
  • 2nd year: professional experience, marketing communication and other selection subjects


Comprehensive information on the course of a co-operation with the industry in selected subjects is provided to students before the start of the semester. According to them, they have the option to select an area in which they will be able to address the project. The kick-off workshops, which are held mostly directly in the partner organization area, they learn about the details of the assignments, as well as with the mentors from the industry.