General information on the admission procedure for the 1st degree of study for the academic year 2023/2024


Why study at the Faculty of Commerce?

The Faculty of Commerce of the University of Economics in Bratislava (hereinafter referred to as the Faculty of Commerce) is a modern, dynamic and innovative faculty that provides education in preferred and sought-after business disciplines - in the field of business, marketing, international business, tourism and services, quality management and business law. The faculty offers study programs at all three levels of study, as well as study programs taught in the English language, it expands the offer of "double degree" study programs with partner universities abroad, thanks to which a student can obtain 2 diplomas after successfully completing studies at the Faculty of Commerce. The faculty intensively supports the travel of students and teachers on foreign stays, develops cooperation in educational and scientific research activities with partner universities abroad. Almost 1,500 students study at the faculty every year. During its 50-year history, it has become the alma mater for more than 20,000 successful graduates, among whom you can find ministers, prime ministers, governors of the national bank, state secretaries, ambassadors, important academic officials of universities, scientists, and especially business managers or successful entrepreneurs.


The Faculty of Commerce is characterized by:

  • professional approach and renowned teachers,
  • cooperation, helpfulness and friendly approach in relation to students,
  • international acceptance and cooperation,
  • high applicability of graduates in practice,
  • graduates hold important positions.


Interesting facts about the faculty

100% employability of graduates in practice - after graduation, only those graduates who do not want to or cannot work for objective reasons do not work.

Connecting students with practice - partners from practice participate directly in teaching, not only in the form of lectures, but above all by leading the so-called clubs, which are implemented in the form of workshops. Thus, students participate in solving projects and assignments for practice, solve the topics of final theses in direct cooperation with practice, or obtain work positions with business practice partners.

Students already work during their studies - we support students to gain work experience already during their studies, so they have a higher chance of applying to the labor market in the future. Part of the study is professional practice, which they can complete with partners from practice, but also abroad as part of the Erasmus+ program, to which we send them throughout the year (not only during the holidays).

First place in the number of students sent to study abroad - The Faculty of Commerce has long held the first place in the ranking in the number of students sent to study abroad among individual EU faculties in Bratislava. Approximately 100 students go on study stays or practical internships every year, in the last 10 years we have sent 981 of our students abroad.

MarCet - Marketing Center of the Faculty of Business - a platform for talent scouting and for creative students who want to develop their skills in marketing, marketing communication, product photography and video editing.

Bees at the faculty - with the aim of drawing the attention of students, employees and the general public to the need for environmental protection and sustainability, we planted 9 bee families on the university campus. Our effort is to participate in the protection of the life of bees, whose importance in nature is irreplaceable.


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