Department of Informatics of business companies was founded at the Faculty of Commerce of the University of Economics in Bratislava in 1996. Its mission is, on the one hand, to equip students with practically usable information and communication technology insights, which will give them a competitive advantage both in the labor market and in the business sector, on the other hand to serve as an example in the field of introducing modern technologies into the teaching process for other departments of our Faculty. An integral part of the life of the Department is the scientific and research activity, mainly from areas closely related to its declared mission, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation and for ensuring access to modern technologies. We give a great importance to the regular issuance and updating of study literature, the publication of the results of the scientific and research activities of the members of the Department, and also to an intensive cooperation with the labor market, which implies a number of ideas for innovation in pedagogic, as well as in the scientific and research area.