The Department of International Trade is historically profiled as a highly specialized department with corporate economic and international orientation, while maintaining important macroeconomic context in the field of long-term educational research is heavily underlined. In this way, the Department creates conditions for the development of economic cooperation and internationalization of the economy, whether it is the preparation of graduates - future experts in the field of international trade and entrepreneurship, or the benefits in the form of different strategic documents, studies or preparation of international scientific conferences and seminars. In line with the enforcement of the overall economic strategy of Slovakia, respecting the economic dimension of the country, the main mission of the Department is to provide high-quality educational projects geared towards comprehensive training of graduates at all education degrees who, after graduation, should be able to perform all important management positions in the field of international trade and international business, in the world economy, but also finance, logistics and other management functions. This direction also refers to the scientific activities of the Department's staff, who, in the long term focus on different projects and developing cooperation with economic practice, foreign companies, international organizations, as well as on decision-making. Such a profile also refers to the international links that are being built at the department and which are used to provide a number of different forms of foreign traineeships for students or department staff. Because of the international orientation of graduates, the emphasis is also put on professional language training of students.


Professional traineeships

The Department of International Trade offers for its students the possibility of professional traineeships at the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic (Foreign Trade), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic (economic diplomacy), the SARIO and the EXIMBANKA SR, but also in major foreign companies and national companies engaged in international markets. It also continuously responds to the arrival of foreign investors. Based on bilateral agreements and conventions, mutual cooperation is also being prepared in the field of new traineeships for students. As these traineeships are a mandatory part of the education process, the Department coordinates them with the time profile of the rest of the teaching.



Alumni of the International Trade Department have been the desired candidates for job positions for a long time. They are valued as experts in international business and international trade, financial institutions, foreign companies, EU structures, but also in government bodies, international governmental and non-governmental organizations, etc. With their broad insights, expertise and practical knowledge they are able to move flexibly in international environments and manage various economic processes and business operations.