The Department of Marketing has participated in development of trade and marketing issues in the field of pedagogy, science and research and a cooperation with practice. The aim of the members of the Department is to provide a quality economic education in the areas concerned. The Department operates at all three levels of education.

At the first level, it is a study program of business in trade, whose graduates can identify and analyze problems and opportunities in business activities of different types of business, in commercial operations, and design solutions for the best functioning of business entities. With the study they gain knowledge of marketing, corporate economy and management, as well as of corporate finance.

At the second level of the study program marketing and business management, the focus is on how to apply marketing tools, marketing concepts and business management. We want the graduates to be able to analyze existing problems, design and implement solutions in all marketing tools, as well as to manage business processes in companies.

At the third level in the study program Marketing and Business Management, the Department's efforts are to prepare experts who know scientific methods of research in the marketing environment, market information, consumer behavior and business entities, they know methods of simulation and verification of marketing solutions, they can apply scientific practices in all areas of business management.

4 professors, 8 doctors, 19 assistants with PhD. and 13 doctoral candidates are employed at the Department.