MICHÁLKOVÁ, Anna, Assoc. Prof. Dipl. Ing., PhD.

Department of Tourism

Associate Professor
Room 3A.05
Phone +421 2 6729 1305
Konzultačné hodiny:

Štvrtok 9:00 - 11:00

Pedagogická činnosť:
  • supervisor of bachelor study program Entrepreneurship in services and tourism
  • supervisor of following courses: Economy of Tourism, Regional Tourism (in Slovak and in German), Marketing Management of Tourism Destinations (in German), Project management, Case studies in Tourism (in Slovak and German)
Publikačná činnosť:

A selection of recent publications:

  • Innovation Activities of Gazelles in Business Services As a Factor of Sustainable Growth in the Slovak Republic. – Reg.: Scopus, Reg.: Web of Science. In Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues. - Vilnius : The General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania, 2018. ISSN 2345-0282, March 2018, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 652-466 online, co-author
  • The Economic Contribution of Tourism to the Slovak Economy. – Reg.: SCOPUS. In Tourismos : An International Multidisciplinary Refereed Journal of Tourism. - Aegean : University of the Aegean, Greece. ISSN 1792-6521, 2017, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 1-23, co-author
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  • Gazelles in tourism in Slovakia - their innovativeness in the current business environment. Reg: WEB of SCIENCE. In Hotelnictví, turismus a vzdělávání. Mezinárodní vědecká konference. Hotelnictví, turismus a vzdělávání : sborník z 9. ročníku mezinárodní vědecké konference. - Praha : Vysoká škola hotelová v Praze, 2017. ISBN 978-80-87411-99-5, s. 103-109, co-author
  • Dynamic business services - gazelles. Praha : Wolters Kluwer, 2016. 150 s. [9,9 AH]. VEGA 1/0205/14. ISBN 978-80-7552-437-9, co-author
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  • Services and tourism. Bratislava : SPRINT vfra, 1999. 549 s. Nová ekonómia. ISBN 80-88848-51-2, co-author
Vedecko-výskumná činnosť:

A selection of recent project:

  • The perspective of the existence of dynamic service industries in the Slovak Republic in the context of the application of the principles of Innovation Union", VEGA, research team member
  • A guide to assessing the social value of tourism. Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development SR, project of science and research, expert guarantor.
  • Programm of economic and social development of Trenčin region 2013- 2023
  • Common documents in support of tourism development of the region Pod Veľkou Javorinou. Programm of Crossborder Co-operation between Slovak Republic and Czech Republic. Local Action Group Horňácko and Ostrožsko, Association, The Association of Municipalities in Kopaničiarsky region Veľká Javorina – Bradlo (Concept of tourism development in the Kopaničiarsky region Pod Veľkou Javorinou a Bradlom, head investigator)
  • Concept of tourism development in Nitra, Concept of tourism development in Dunajská Streda, Concept of development in Nitra region, team member
  • Destinatour, Bratislava Region, Tourism Bratislava of the region, ERDF, Cross Border Cooperation Programme Slovak Republic - Austria 2007-2013, research team member
Doplňujúce informácie a informácie pre študentov:

University in St. Gallen, Department of Tourism/Switzerland (1-year study stay + traineeship in hotel and travel industry)

University of Economics in Vienna, Department of Tourism/Austria (study stay + training on the job in hotel industry)

University Lüneburg/Germany - 1-month study stay

University of Applied Sciences Burgenland, ERASMUS+ mobility for teaching