The Department of Tourism in their pedagogical process prepares students at 1st level degree of higher education - study field in trade and tourism, and at 2nd level degree of higher education - the study field of Tourism management. The department also creates conditions for students – doctoral candidates which is organized by the training space of the Faculty of Commerce of the University of Economics. There are 3 university professors, 6 doctors, 12 expert assistants and 7 doctoral candidates at the department. Teachers of the Department also train and guide their students in a wide range of mandatory basic and optional subjects for executive and managerial positions in the business, state administration and in the self-government. Language-competent students can study selected subjects also at partner foreign universities within the European ERASMUS and CEEPUS programs, which the University of Economics has contracted. The knowledge and skills that students gain during the three-year bachelor and two-year Master studies can be applied in small and medium-sized enterprises, in international societies and global chains that provide travel services and services related to tourism. Bachelor's degree graduates are ready to perform work directly in the operation of enterprises on the level of qualified executives and middle management. In the self-government and in the state administration, bachelor study graduates can work with professional executives.

Graduates of the 2nd level degree of higher - Master studies will gain education with scientific knowledge for the performance of managerial work on the level of middle and top management in enterprises and international companies providing tourism services with an emphasis on travel agencies, hotels and other accommodation establishments, catering businesses in the international and Slovak market. In the state administration and the municipality, these graduates will be prepared to carry out self-conceptual and managerial work.

The Department is significantly involved in scientific and research activities. The research teams present their results in the form of grant tasks VEGA, KEGA, APVV, international projects and projects assigned by the government bodies, self-governing bodies and business. The Department has been working with foreign colleagues from several European universities for a long time. Active cooperation with the labor market is promoted through partnership relations with specific enterprises of hotels, travel agencies and other tourism services, government bodies, professional organizations and regional associations.

The department publishes a scientific journal entitled Ekonomika cestovného ruchu a podnikanie (Economics in Tourism and Entrepreneurship).