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The Faculty of Commerce of the University of Economics in Bratislava stands for an educational and research institution that provides education in trade-related scientific disciplines. As a long-established Faculty it is well rooted among other higher education institutions in Slovakia providing education in the area of business and economics. With regard to its external environment the Faculty of Commerce presents itself as a flexibly linked, complex institution with study programmes resulting from international comparison; high-quality professional background and staff; own publications, professional translations, practical case studies and infrastructure just like its reputation in the business community as well as prestige in international relations in compliance with criteria adopted by the Accreditation Board of the Government of the Slovak Republic. The Faculty trains professionals for their engagement in local and international trade- and production-oriented organisations, consultancy agencies and institutions of state and public administration as well as the third sector.

Mission of the Faculty of Commerce in line with its Statute is to provide high-quality education in business and economics and to train highly-qualified professionals in the field of marketing, trade, tourism, hospitality industry, services, business law, commercial entrepreneurship, product quality management as well as international business activities able to establish themselves and succeed on the labour market not just in the region, but even in the European and international environment. Moreover, the Faculty aims to qualify scientists in the area of economics- and trade-related scientific disciplines for their career in tertiary education and business in a highly-competitive environment and in line with preferences in the society.

Accomplished results of the Faculty in recent years were subject to complex accreditation of the Faculty of Commerce successfully carried out in 2001 on the basis of which the Faculty of Commerce has provided and continues to provide education on all tertiary education levels merely in accredited fields of study and study programmes. In 2005 the Faculty of Commerce was accredited to provide tertiary education in new study programmes on all three levels pursuant to Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on Universities and on changes and amendments to certain acts as later amended; furthermore, in 2009 it successfully completed the process of complex accreditation of activities pursued by a higher education institution.

Long-term development ambition of the Faculty of Commerce UEB is to turn the Faculty into an educational institution that will be associated with two indispensable terms: leadership and excellence. Leadership represents an ability to become a showcase for others and excellence an ability to carry out activities in a unique manner as well as at higher quality standards than those set by a norm in the relevant area. The strategic objective of the Faculty is to lead in providing education in the area of trade, marketing and tourism in the region of Central and Eastern Europe as well as to become a centre of excellent research in European terms in the field of trade-related scientific disciplines by 2019. In order to meet such goal successfully, efforts of staff, students and Faculty management will be oriented on encouragement and development of seven key areas: communication, quality, qualification, career, cooperation, competences and creativity.

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