Faculty of Commerce of the University of Economics in Bratislava (hereinafter referred to as the Faculty of Commerce) is an educational and research institution that provides education in the field of business science disciplines. The Faculty has had a long and firm place among other higher education institutions in Slovakia which offer economics education. The Faculty of Commerce, in its internal character, is a flexibly interconnected, complex institution, not only by its study programs based on international comparisons, quality vocational and personnel background, its own publishing, expert translations and practical case studies; material-technical security, but also by its prestige in economic practice and in international relations, which are based on the criteria which have been laid down for this field by the Accreditation Committee of the Government of the Slovak Republic. The Faculty educates specialists for national and international commercial and industrial organizations, consulting companies, national and public institutions and the third sector.

The mission of the Faculty of Commerce of the University of Economics in Bratislava, which is part of the European higher education area and the common European research area is to develop a harmonious personalities, knowledge, wisdom, welfare and creativity and based on the creative scientific research in the field of economics, humanities and follow-up social sciences to contribute to the development of education and science for the well-being of society and knowledge-based society.

The Faculty of Commerce efforts to be a modern academic institution that responds to the needs of the education market, develops scientific and research activities, is opened to change, faithful to its values and devoted to its mission. The Faculty of Commerce carries out activities through which it is perceived as:

  • value creator and protector,
  • academic institution where personalities develop comprehensively,
  • educational institution where a high level of education is achieved,
  • scientific research institution where new knowledge in business science disciplines is developed,
  • equal partner for academia and business practice in a global environment.

The strategic goal of the Faculty of Commerce is to become a modern faculty respected in the international environment.


Faculty priorities:

  • to develop and implement strong study programs in English,
  • to internationalize study, science and research,
  • to specialize study programs for the current labor market needs,
  • to carry out final state exams with an emphasis on the quality of the thesis defense,
  • to establish a project center to support implementation of international scientific projects;
  • to strengthen the autonomy of the departments as key components of the Faculty in the field of education, science and research,
  • to fulfill international accreditation standards,
  • to systematize cooperation with business practice for the needs of education and applied research;
  • to support and improve publication activities;
  • to create and implement an objective and motivating system of remuneration of human resources,
  • to increase students ' awareness and to build their loyalty to the Faculty of Commerce,
  • to perceive students as multipliers of a good reputation of the Faculty of Commerce,
  • to implement and participate in the "face to face" campaigns focused on study applicants.

The strategic objective, priorities and tasks can be found at The Long-term Intention of the Faculty of Commerce of the University of Economics in Bratislava for the period 2019 – 2023.