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1940 - The Faculty of Commerce of the University of Economics in Bratislava carries on with the tradition rooted in the establishment of the College of Commerce in 1940.

1969 - The Faculty of Commerce was established at the College of Economics (currently University of Economics) pursuant to Government Decree No. 79/1969 as of 31 July 1969. Establishment of the Faculty of Commerce of the College of Economics (currently University of Economics) in Bratislava was initiated by the development of the national economy, trade relations and intensifying emphasis on increasing management efficiency in trading. The following were identified as key tasks of the newly created Faculty: to improve the unfavourable qualification structure particularly in domestic trade by means of training sufficient number of professionals in higher education institutions; to ensure high-quality education of graduates as well as scientific and research base corresponding with the business community needs oriented on application of primary research outputs in the environment of particular sectors and branches of trade-related activities. Furthermore, the aim was to get engaged in popularisation in technical and economic terms, and, thus, to participate in preparation of rationalisation projects focusing on commerce so as to facilitate implementation of objectives linked to scientific and technical progress across the society.

1990 - 1997 - New quality of economic relations occurring across the society after 1990 called for a radical shift in the concept of functioning of the Faculty of Commerce in all areas. Since the academic year 1990/91teaching was merged into Commercial Engineering as a single field of study, in the framework of which education focused on Trade and Marketing; Foreign Trade; Services and Tourism - and since the academic year 1996/97 even on Economic Diplomacy.

1997 - 1998 - Introduction of new fields of study accredited by the Accreditation Board of the Government of the Slovak Republic since the academic year 1997/98 represented by International Business; Trade and Marketing; Tourism; and International Relations on the Master level as well as Commercial Entrepreneurship on the Bachelor level besides the approval of new scientific fields of doctoral studies: World Economy; International Relations; and Sector and Cross-Sectional Economics focusing on Economics of Trade and Industry were behind a major shift of the Faculty profile into the area of international relations.

2001 - The 2001 accreditation of the Faculty reiterated its orientation and heading as regards the development of fields of (under)graduate and postgraduate study. Based on a positive evaluation the Accreditation Authority confirmed to the Faculty of Commerce its capacity to hold state examinations in the fields of (under)graduate and postgraduate study accredited already in 1996. In line with the establishment of the Faculty of International Relations the Faculty of Commerce decided not to apply for accreditation of the field of study International Economic Relations. High-quality standard of pedagogical, scientific and research activities of the Faculty was reiterated by the Accreditation Board that continued to assign the Faculty of Commerce to the top category on the basis of its evaluation since 1995.

2004 - till now - Faculty of Commerce succeeded in accrediting new fields of study and study programmes for all three levels of tertiary education: Bachelor level; Master level; and Ph.D. level (for information about the study programmes refer to text below). In 2006 the Accreditation Board granted to the Faculty of Commerce the right to initiate the process of habilitation and inauguration in the area of Trade and Marketing and International Business. In the framework of the complex accreditation of activities carried out by a higher education institution the Accreditation Board examined and assessed activities of the Faculty of Commerce UEB in education, research, development as well as additional creative engagement and the right to grant academic titles to graduates in all study programmes taught by the Faculty of Commerce was established by the Decision of the Minister of Education of the Slovak Republic under the number CD-2009-27578/21735-1:sekr dated 18 June 2009.

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