Dolnozemská cesta č. 1

852 35  Bratislava

Tel.: +421 2 6729 1164

CIN: 30840783

TIN: 2021478679


Foundation account number: 2620004909/1100

Bank: Tatrabanka, a. s.

IBAN: SK34 1100 0000 0026 2000 4909



Board of Trustees

Chairman: Ing. Peter DRÁBIK, PhD. MSc.

prof. Ing. Ferdinand DAŇO, PhD.
PhDr. Štefan BUGÁR, PhD.
doc. Ing. Štefan ŽÁK, PhD.

Foundation administrator: Ing. Andrea MIZEROVÁ, PhD.
Auditor: Ing. Iveta MATTOVIČOVÁ


Foundation History 

The foundation was founded in 1991 as the foundation "MERKÚR" at the Faculty of Commerce and registered at the District Office of Bratislava V. on 6 December, 1991 under the No. 7/2017/1991. The city administration of the Slovak Statistical Office of Bratislava has allocated the foundation number (IČO) 30840783 on 19 December, 1991. On 4 September, 1997, according to § 11 par. 4 of Act no. 207/1996 Coll. on the Foundations, the foundation was re-registered under No. 203/NA-96/319 at the Ministry of Interior with the title "Nadácia MERKÚR" located in the Dolnozemská cesta č. 1, 852 35 Bratislava.

In accordance with § 42 art. 1 of Act no. 34/2002 Coll. on Foundations and on the Amendment of the Civil Code as amended, the Founding Charter of the "Nadácia MERKÚR" was changed to the Foundation Charter, which was registered at the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic on 23 December, 2002 under Reg. No. 203 / Na-96 / 319-1. On September 16, 2004, the foundation was assigned a tax identification number 2021478679.


Public-utility Purpose of the Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to support education and development of spiritual values of human. In accordance to accredited study programs provided by the Faculty of Commerce, University of Economics in Bratislava, support of education is focused on:

  • promoting the development of higher education;
  • promoting the development of science and research,
  • supporting the development of education for business practice.


Financial Management of the Foundation

The incomes of the Foundation include:

  • contributions and donations from legal and natural persons,
  • contributions of 2% of the share of income tax paid by natural or legal persons,
  • interests on deposits.


Conditions for Providing Funding

The Foundation´s funding is provided to the third parties as follow:

  • natural persons – students and PhD. students, teachers, scientific and research staff of the Faculty of Commerce at the University of Economics in Bratislava and external co-workers who actively participate in performing the tasks in accordance with the purpose of the Foundation;
  • legal persons – the Faculty of Commerce, University of Economics in Bratislava.


Areas of the Funding

  1. Granting the Vontobel Prize in the form of a scholarship or other prices to students of the Faculty.
  2. Providing contributions to cover the costs for participation in international competitions of students.
  3. Providing contributions to ensure the pedagogical process and scientific research activities.
  4. Providing contributions to support the publishing activity of the Faculty.
  5. Providing contributions for the organization of seminars and conferences and for the reimbursement of costs associated with participation in seminars and conferences.
  6. Providing contributions to cover the costs of activities of the Faculty, exceeding the Faculty budget.