First-degree study programs are study programs of bachelor study in the study fields 3.3.9 Business entrepreneurship, 3.3.18 International Entrepreneurship and 8.1.1 Tourism. These study programs are carried out both in internal and external form. The study lasts three years in the internal study form and is divided into three academic years. In the context of an external study, the study lasts four years and is divided into four academic years. The academic year in this study is divided into two semesters. The study takes 6 semesters in an internal form of study and 8 semesters for the external form of study and ends with a state examination, which also includes final (bachelor) thesis and its defense.

The condition for the proper completion of the study in these study programs is the achievement of 180 credits, whereas the principles on the credit system must be adhered to the formulation of the recommended curriculum.

The following study plans are recommended for students of internal study form, indicating the inclusion of the subjects in the relevant semester, in the week hourly scheme for teaching subjects divided into lectures, seminars and/or laboratory exercises, or consultation of external study, by indicating the way of subject completion (credits, exam or both), number of credits divided into subjects of the core knowledge of the field of study, into subjects of the study program, mandatory and optional subjects.

The organization of the study is based on a credit system. The credit system of the study uses the collection and transfer of credits. By using the credits it allows to assess the student's workload associated with the completion of the units of the study program in accordance with the rules set out in the study program. The standard workload of the student for the entire academic year is manifested by the number of 60 credits, for one semester of 30 credits. The student receives credits after a successful completion of the study program unit. For the unit of study program, the student can receive credits only once in the course of the study.

The subjects included in the study program are divided into:

  • mandatory subjects – their completion is a prerequisite for a successful completion of the study program or part thereof,
  • mandatory optional subjects - the prerequisite of the successful completion of the study program or its part is the passing a set number of subjects from that group by the choice of the student,
  • selection subjects – these are all other subjects in the study program or in the list of other study programs and their choice is contingent upon the acquisition of a specified number of credits in the part of the study.

A mandatory subject which has been enrolled in a given academic year and not completed by a student can be enrolled one more time during the study in the next academic year. After the second unsuccessful attempt to pass the mandatory subject, the student is excluded from the study due to missing credits according to the art. 13, paragraph. 2 (b) c) Study order of the University of Economics in Bratislava.

A compulsorily optional subject which has been signed up but not completed by a student may be enrolled one more time, or a different subject may be chosen from the list of mandatory optional subjects instead.

The selection subject that has been enrolled and not completed by a student can be enrolled by the student once more, or he/she can choose a different subject from the list of selection subjects.

A minimum number of 15 students are set to offer a mandatory optional and selection subject. If the number of students logged in one of the subjects does not reach a minimum number, students are required to choose another subject.

The student may receive credits in the exam period of the given semester only from those subjects that have been enrolled within the deadline.

The completion of the study program in the standard length requires obtaining 60 credits for the academic year. If a student changes the pace of study, he/she does not have to obtain 60 credits for the academic year, but the duration of the study of the selected study program must not exceed the standard length by more than two years. Assigning credits for the completed subject requires to meet all the prerequisites (e.g. acquisition of the credits and/or acquisition of the credits along with successful pass of the test or successful pass of the test based on the identification documents of the subject).

All other prerequisites related to studying the study program are governed by the provisions of the University of Economics in Bratislava.

A student studying in study programs of the I. degree elaborates the final thesis. One hour/week is assigned to a student who elaborates final thesis with a focus on the area of his study program, in the internal and external form of study. As part of this assigned hour, students work with their supervisor of the final thesis, whereas they consult in particular the methodology for processing the thesis, the way in which book resources are obtained and processed. The supervisors of final theses are employees of the Faculty of Commerce in the category of teacher, in order to maintain the condition that the final thesis in this study program is supervised by a teacher with at least one degree higher. The themes of final theses are proposed by the teachers for each academic year. The themes must correspond to the content of the study and the study program to which they have been assigned and are approved by the department concerned. The complexity of the final thesis corresponds to the profile of the graduate of the study program and the extent of the knowledge acquired by the study program, in order to demonstrate the ability to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge autonomously and apply them accordingly.

The graduation in the study program of the I. degree requires that the student obtains a total of 180 credits in the course of the study in a specified form. The way in which subjects are completed and the credits are acquired, as well as the duties of the student that are necessary to continue in the next study, are regulated by the University of Economics in Bratislava.

If the student obtains 180 credits in the structure of the recommended study plan, he/she shall draw up the final thesis, he/she may apply for the state examination, in which he/she must defend the final thesis.

The deadlines for carrying out state examinations are part of each academic year's schedule and are announced to students in an adequate timeframe. The examination committees for the conduct of state examinations and the defense of final thesis in this study program are formed under § 63 of Act No. 131/2002 on the universities and on completion of certain acts as amended.

The state examination in the study program of the consists of a bachelor thesis and its defense, and at the same time of answering 3 questions from topics, which should prove the respective knowledge of the study program.

The state examination or part thereof must be completed by the student in such a way that the last part of the state examination, including any retake term is carried out in the period that does not exceed the standard length of the study of the relevant degree of higher education by more than two academic years.

After a successful completion of the I. degree of study, a graduate of the first-degree study programs may be signed for the II. degree of study.