The Faculty of Commerce provides doctoral studies under § 54 of Act No 131/2002 of Z. in accredited study programs. Doctoral study is aimed at gathering and deepening the knowledge based on the current state of scientific knowledge and, in particular, the student's own contribution to it, which is the result of scientific research and self-creative activities in the field of science. Doctoral students obtain education of the third degree.

Doctoral study is intended for pedagogical staff, scientific and research staff and university graduates who have skills for scientific, research and publishing activities. It is used to increase their professional qualifications in the field of economic sciences.

The standard length of doctoral study in internal form is 3 academic years and 4 academic years in external form. The study is carried out in two parts:

  • the study part of the doctoral study consists mainly of specialized lectures, seminars, consultations and an individual study of literature necessary for the orientation of the dissertation thesis. The study is carried out under the guidance of the supervisor and is ended by a dissertation exam, which is one of the state exams.
  • the scientific part of the doctoral study consists of the individual or team scientific work of the student involved in doctoral study ("PhD student"), which corresponds to the topic of dissertation, from the presentation of results in scientific work at scientific events, from study visits in scientific institutions home and abroad, etc. The scientific part of the doctoral study is professionally guaranteed by the supervisor. Doctoral study ends with the defense of dissertation thesis.

A doctoral study in internal form is the pursuit of a pedagogical activity or other professional activity related to pedagogical activities, up to a maximum of 4 hours per week on average for the academic year in which the teaching takes place. If a PhD student subscribes to a theme of thesis proposed by an external educational institution, his/her pedagogical or other professional activity is tied to the educational activity of the Faculty of Commerce.

A scholarship for doctoral candidates in internal form of study is provided according to a universally binding law issued by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic. Granting a scholarship  ends on the day of the defense of the dissertation thesis or on the day of the other end of the study. The external education institution provides scholarships from financial resources allocated for this purpose in its budget.

The basic condition for admission to study in the doctoral study program is the completion of the second degree study program and the passing  the admission exam. For doctoral study in the study programs the Faculty can determine other conditions for the admission to this study, approved by the Academic Senate of the Faculty.

Before initiating the admission procedure for doctoral study, the Faculty shall be subject to the topics of dissertation which may be eligible for the admission procedure. A supervisor is appointed for each of the topics. The Faculty will announce the topics of the dissertation theses and the subjects with the supervisors assigned by the external educational institution, and the name of the external educational institution is also announced. The candidate for doctoral studies will sign up for one of the announced  themes.

The admission exam will consist of a specialized entrance examination and a language admission exam.

The candidates are recruited by the enrollment for doctoral studies and are subject to the provisions of § 69 to § 73a on the Act of the universities, and also, the provisions of section 29 of the EU's commercial law, as well as the provisions of the university's curriculum.

Tuition fees and charges related to doctoral study on the UE in Bratislava are governed by art. 27 The Statute of the Faculty of Commerce UE and the section 92 of the Act on universities.

Doctoral study is governed by the principles of the organization of doctoral studies at the Faculty of Commerce, which are issued as an internal regulation of the Faculty of Commerce of the University of Economics in Bratislava under section 33 (2). 2, (b) (f) Act No 131/2002 of the universities and on change and on completion of certain acts as amended. These principles are general principles for all students, teachers and other professional staff who graduate at the Faculty, as well as arrange, organize, pursue and evaluate their doctoral study.

The principles can be found on the website of the Faculty of Commerce and the Department of science and doctoral studies of the Faculty of Commerce or the University website