In 2015, the Faculty of Commerce accredited these new study fields and study programs of the 3. degree of study under the Act No 131/2002 on the universities and on the completion of certain acts as amended:

III. degree - doctoral studies

  • Study field 3.3.10 Business and marketing
  • Study program Marketing and Business management
  • Study field 3.3.18 International entrepreneurship
  • Study program International trade management


Management of international business

The goal of student education in the study program International Business Management is to train graduates for a highly specialized career in the sphere of institutions, companies and multinational corporations in an international business environment. They can also find employment in the field of scientific work in universities, research teams or in the activities of various social and public organizations. By content and its objectives the program is aimed at exploring the development trends in the international economic environment, with a concentration on specific growth conditions of the EU, or The Slovak Republic, as well as to explore developments in other territorial segments of the world economy. The real fact that the Slovak economy is absolutely foreign-oriented creates a specific environment for scientific exploration and forms the dominant degree of importance of the economic ties and the consequences that arise in this area. The graduate is able to:

  • use different basic and applied research methods and to develop new knowledge in the area in question,
  • with sophisticated approaches address the issues of economic practice in different contexts,
  • conceptually manage processes in the particular field, work in team and factually communicate their decisions in international terms.


Marketing and Business management

The goal of educating students of the study program marketing and business management is to train professionals in a comprehensive and specialized field of Business and marketing, which are the basis for shifting the limits of theoretical and research perception of the discipline. Students know how to use scientific methods of research in the marketing environment, market data, consumer behavior and business entities; they know methods of simulation and verification of marketing solutions, they can apply scientific practices in processes of optimal shaping marketing functions, marketing processes and marketing tools of business subjects. Students can autonomously synthesize information/views of marketing surveys and propose solutions to problems that extend or redefine existing knowledge and present new approaches to tackling the new situation in trading systems. Graduate has developed knowledge and skills of:

  • a successful, accurate and effective application of scientific research methods and presentation of own solutions/critical evaluation of opinions in the field of business and marketing processes;
  • binding: research – formulation of the proposal – implementation, legal and ethical aspects of marketing,
  • the way how to isolate, evaluate and solve the problems of different degrees of prediction in the trade by using innovative approach.