The Faculty of Commerce offers accredited master´s study programs as follow:


Marketing and Trade Management

Graduates of the study program Marketing and Trade Management have gained profound insights into the application of marketing tools and the development of marketing concepts, as well as the management of trading systems. They can specify, design and implement complex solutions in all components of the marketing mix, while also managing a wide network of external sources of suppliers, customers, final customers, intermediaries, service providers, as well as manage business processes in terms of adapting to the marketing environment. They can be employed in the positions of marketing managers, marketing analysts, marketing specialists who manage change processes related to technology, enterprise culture, intra-corporate and intercorporate relationships in a connection to market development. Significant possibilities of employment are also held by graduates in the positions of purchase managers, sales managers, product managers, trade specialists, specialists for consumer policy or distribution. Graduates of the study program can analyze and evaluate complex marketing management issues, design and implement forms of marketing mix elements according to the latest knowledge of the marketing theory, assess the interaction of market operators with complex marketing environment. At the same time, the graduate can apply quantitative and qualitative methods in the decision-making, in assessing consumer and business behavior in the market, as well as to implement new information-communication technologies in trade and marketing.


International Business Management

Graduates of the study program International Business Management gain knowledge creating the prerequisites for a successful mastering the complex of general knowledge of international trade, strategy and tactics of international business, international marketing and trends in the development of specific international markets by the commodities. They have a thorough theoretical knowledge of all areas of activity of the business entity abroad, as well as broader economic and political contexts at European and international level, whereas this knowledge can be creatively used in practice. The graduate of study program is a versatile, educated manager with comprehensive quality knowledge who is able to manage a multicultural environment, with assumptions for successful management of high governance positions, particularly in the corporate sphere, in selected state institutions engaged in international economic cooperation (in particular in the field of foreign-trade policy), as well as in international economic organizations and EU institutions, where he/she will be ready to be an Economic diplomat. The graduate of the study program is a highly qualified economic expert who is capable of analyzing, evaluating and creatively addressing alternative ways of organizing and managing international logistic systems, i.e. to manage the structure of network relations and processes in international logistics. An equally important part of the successful application of the graduates of this field in practice is their preparation for the management of a particular foreign commercial performance, depending on the activity and the commodity that is the subject of such performance, i.e. their preparation in the technique of foreign-trade operations, international payment and financial operations, and the terms and conditions of national and international legislation, as well as legal arrangements.


Tourism Management

The graduates of the study program Tourism Management are qualified tourism managers who are able to manage business and economic processes in tourism. They gain knowledge in the economy of tourism, controlling in tourism companies, managing and marketing tourism, tourism rights, integration processes in tourism, as well as in managerial communication. They are competent to perform the profession of the manager of the company or the tourism region. They can be employed in the middle and top levels of the management of tourism, in regional tourism organizations, state organizations and municipalities in the sector of tourism, in the project and advisory organizations of tourism and regional development. The tourism manager at the corporate and regional level of tourism knows management methods and has adequate skills and capabilities to exercise them in practice on the level of the enterprise, corporate integration and the tourism region, in the national authorities and municipalities in the field of tourism. The manager knows the principles of sustainable tourism development. He/she recognizes the natural and anthropogenic environment in which tourism develops. He/she can use electronic media for information management, for promotion and sale of tourism services. He/she can create and manage tourism development projects in target locations and regions. He/she can also actively operate in an intercultural environment.