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The Central European Business Review (CEBR) is an online peer-reviewed journal focused on strategic business issues with a Central European perspective. Its main objective is to bridge the existing gap between academics and practitioners within the region.

The journal is primarily intended for academicians and researchers of business schools in Central Europe as well as for senior management of corporations and other large companies. Another important target audience includes ambitious entrepreneurs managing growing enterprises.

The journal publishes high quality research papers, both quantitative and qualitative in nature, as well as conceptual papers and book reviews. Papers focusing on other parts of the world can be considered for publication only if their findings can be generalized or are relevant for Central European researchers and business policy-makers.

The language of the journal is American English. Upon acceptation, all papers undergo a proofreading process to ensure understandability to widest possible community of international users.

Publication in CEBR is free of charge.


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